TAPE 768

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.1 hrs (DVD)

PHILLY SPECTRUM - 11/24/83 (Run the same night as one of the most-famous shows in wrestling history - Starrcade '83 - this is a pretty typical WWF house show from the era. Most of note here is Bob Backlund's last available successful WWF title defense. All of the matches from the original broadcast are here. The only thing missing is a great Freddie Blassie interview. I've got a master, so VQ is EX but audio is a little low.)
Tony Garea vs Rene Goulet (Garea wins with something that occurred waaaay too often in the WWF in this era - an ultra-fast count) Tonga Kid vs Charlie Fulton SD Jones vs Butcher Vachon Sgt. Slaughter vs Tony Atlas (Tony is a brand-new WWF tag champ but no mention is made...) Jimmy Snuka & Arnold Skaaland vs Don Muraco & Lou Albano (Albano gives a clinic in how to blade in a very obvious fashion. Then he gives it again. And again. And again.) Rocky Johnson vs Bob Bradyley (Nope, Johnson isn't mentioned as a champ either...) Bob Backlund vs Iron Sheik (Interesting match that's worked at a fairly slow pace. Not bad, just a little slower than the Philly fans want. Backlund ends up going over clean) Tito Santana vs Big John Studd Invaders vs Mr. Fuji & Iron Mike Sharpe Pat Patterson vs Ivan Koloff (They stop this one for blood from Koloff - lots of it)