TAPE 771

Quality: EX

Length: 108 min (2 DVD)

USWF 7 - 10/18/97 (The USWF is the United Shoot Wrestling Federation, an MMA group put together by UWFI veteran Steve Nelson. Despite flying under the radar, they were quite successful running shows in Texas in the late '90s. They featured quite a bit of good talent, as you can see on this particular show. This is actually a Samurai TV broadcast of one of their shows and not the US release. Video quality is EX.)
Frank Trigg vs Jean Jacques Machado, 10/25/98 (Ending only - Trigg lands a HUGE knee and busts open Machado big-time. Lots and lots of blood.) Frank Trigg vs Ali Elias (Trigg wins with another big knee) Jody Harrison vs Dan Gilbert Steve Nelson vs Taichi Hayashi (USWF World title match) Frank Trigg vs Javier Buentello Dan Gilbert vs Paul Vandiver (Gilbert lands the most unbelievable, picture-perfect belly-to-belly suplex you'll ever see in an MMA ring. Awesome!) Heath Herring vs Rocky Batastini, 9/7/99 (Quick fight - Herring is bald here!) Heath Herring vs Evan Tanner (Wild, action-filled fight. Herring taps out here but they restart the fight - no idea why. This appears to be Herring's professional debut) Frank Trigg vs Dan Gilbert (Tourney Finals - Trigg wins a title here but I have no idea which one) Jeff Lindsey vs Steve Cantu Phillip Preece vs Dale Tyra (Preece suplexes Tyra over the top rope, then punches him while on the floor. He then gets himself DQ'ed for a closed-fist punch to the face.) Brent Medley vs Jeff Rosenbaum Shawn Liggin vs Jay McCown (McCown hits a backdrop drive and Liggin no-sells!) Leslie Brace vs Becky Levi Diego Acosta vs Michael Buel Paul Jones vs Tony Castilo