TAPE 774

Quality: EX

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS USA RISING STARS TOURNAMENT BLOCK A & B - 7/15/00 & 7/22/00 (Decent pair of shows from RINGS USA, one each from Utah and Hawaii. It's fun to see some of the RINGS guys in the US, along with seeing some different guys competing in the RINGS environment. These are legit shoot shows, no works at all. Video on this is EX.)
Jeremy Horn vs Keith Mielke, 7/15/00 Highlights of other matches, 7/15/00 Christopher Haseman vs Jermaine Andre, 7/15/00 Highlights of other matches, 7/15/00 Bobby Hoffman vs Aaron Brink, 7/15/00 (A total WTF? moment as Brink taps out to A CROSSFACE. It doesn't even appear he's in all that much danger or pain, but he taps anyway. Weak.) Tsuyoshi Kohsaka vs Greg Wikan, 7/15/00 (After the fight you get to hear Kohsaka showing off his English skills.) Valentijn Overeem vs Tali Kuliha'Apai, 7/22/00 Highlights of other matches, 7/22/00 Valentijn Overeem vs Tom Sauer, 7/22/00 Roger Neff vs Eric Pele, 7/22/00 (Neff is a former World Champion in Greco-Roman wrestling from not too far from me - Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Unfortunately, he's completely clueless in an MMA environment and he gets completely dominated by the relatively unskilled Pele.) Yasuhito Namekawa vs Falaniko Vitale,7/22/00 (Never seen Vitale before, but he looks to be pretty good before tapping out to a guillotine. From all appearances, he seems to be way too skilled to be tapping out to a standing choke like that.) Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Adrian Serrano, 7/22/00 Chris Munsen vs Yasuhito Namekawa, 7/22/00 Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Josh Hall, 7/22/00 (Bit of a questionable decision in this one...)