TAPE 779

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 90 min (DVD)

UFC 1 - 11/12/93 (Where it all began! Or something like that. Here we have the re-released first UFC, now available on DVD. In a lot of ways, it's amazing they even got to run a second show - from having Jim Brown(!) as a commentator, to having a play-by-play guy who constantly mangled the name of the show ("Ultimate Fighting Challenge", anyone?) and messed up the names of the fighters, etc, it's all here. This being the first UFC, you get true NHB fights with only groin shots and eye gouges being illegal. Not a great show but lots of action crammed into the 10 minutes or so of actual fighting. I've got a master, so VQ is perfect.)
Gerard Gourdeau vs Teila Tuli (Gourdeaus sets the tone right away, scoring a huge roundhouse kick to Tuli's face, knocking a tooth into the front row.) Kevin Rosier vs Zane Frazier (by far, the best fight on the show) Royce Gracie vs Art Jimmerson (Jimmerson is a pro boxer and he shows his amazing lack of insight by coming in wearing ONE boxing glove. He then proceeds to tap to.....nothing.) Ken Shamrock vs Patrick Smith (Smith taps after Shamroock possibly breaks his ankle with a heel hook, then wants to fight again after it's over. WTF?) Gerard Gourdeau vs Kevin Rosier (Rosier takes a nasty, nasty stomp to the ribs) Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock (Shamrock taps over and over to a choke, right in front of the ref who somehow doesn't see it. Royce eventually lets go of the choke and tells the ref that Shamrock tapped. Shamrock appears to not go along with this while Royce appears to say something like "you know you tapped" and they end up correctly awarding the fight to Royce. Very weird and yet another example of how poorly run the first UFC was. There were missed tapouts and refs not doing their jobs all over the place.) Royce Gracie vs Gerard Gourdeau (In a pattern that he will repeat over and over on UFC 2, Royce refuses to break submission hold for several seconds after a guy taps. Maybe he's making it clear he won, after the controversy with Shamrock in the previous fight. Or, since he held the choke even with the ref pulling on him, he's just a turd.)