TAPE 785

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 115 min (DVD)

WWC A HOT NIGHT IN BAYAMON (This is from an anniversary show run by WWC. Some interesting stuff here, with the highlight being the first match. I've got a DVD off of a VHS master, so VQ is EX.)
Samoans vs Jimmy Valiant & Rufus R Jones (Valiant & Jones flat-out suck) Mr. Pogo vs Ricky Santana (Always fun to see Pogo pre-WING/FMW) Sheepherders vs Brad & Bart Batten (The Battens are doing commentary for this tape and begin a heel turn during this match that continues throughout the tape.) Wahoo McDaniel vs Dan Spivey Invader 3 vs Chicky Starr Ronnie Garvin vs Iron Sheik Dan Kroffat & Bobby Jaggers vs Miguelito Perez & Hurricane Castillo (Hair vs Hair - the hair-cutting is shown) Carlos Colon vs Hercules Ayala (Fire match - not a great match, but the guys do actually make contact with the fire, which is unusual for these types of matches)