TAPE 786

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1.8 hrs (DVD)

RINGS - 4/23/99 (Fun show from the post-Maeda era of RINGS. They're moving to being all-legit at this point and the results are generally good. Video quality is EX, master convert)
Ryuki Ueyama vs Lee Hasdell Christopher Haseman vs Masayuki Naruse Yoshihisa Yamamoto vs Joop Kasteel Gilbert Yvel vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka (At this point in his career, Yvel looks like a killer - he just tears Kohsaka apart, busting him open big-time in two different spots. Unfortunately, he also breaks the rules like crazy, with one of the blood-drawing moves being a really cool Shining Wizard-esque knee shot that's blatantly illegal. Lots of fun anyway.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Frank Shamrock (good match! Shamrock loses a point late in the fight on a highly-questionable decision, one that changes the fight from a win for him to a draw.)