TAPE 791

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 2.4 hrs (2 DVD)

RINGS TULA VS BULGARIA (Don't have a date on this one but my best guess is the summer of 2000. This is a stinker of a show put on in Russia by RINGS. It's an all-legit MMA show, just like all RINGS shows from this era. This show is super-rare and isn't even documented on the Sherdog fight finder listing. That said, it also isn't any good. The only highlight is the Fedor Emelianenko fight and that's not without caveats as I'll describe below. Quality on this is VG/EX but this is a PAL-to-NTSC conversion as well as having a weird color hue to it. Very different than anything I've ever seen before. Not hard to watch, just very different.)
Andrei Pashkin vs Oleg Danilevsky Roman Kostelnikov vs Yuri Kotchkine Alexander Ivanov vs Alexei Motorin Bojedar Boyadjiev vs Akhmed Labazanov Valentin Davidov vs Viktor Erokhin Vesilin Bojinov vs Bazigit Ataev Fedor Emelianenko vs Martin Lazarov (To go along with the rest of the lousy production values on this show, they completely miss the finish to this fight to show us a close-up of Volk Han at ringside. And then don't show a replay. Nice.) Emil Kristev vs Mikhail Ilioukhine (Clipped) Borislaz Jeliazkov vs David Safarov Volk Han vs Svyatko Tsvetkov (Always fun to see Han in a legit shoot...)