TAPE 807

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3.6 hrs (2 DVD)

PRIDE 32 - 10/21/06 (After years of speculation and numerous fits-and-starts, Pride finally comes to the US! The results are a mixed bag - decisive finishes by big stars mixed in with lots of non-competitive matches, and breaks in the action directed at a Japanese audience instead of American. Still, overall this is an excellent first effort for Pride as the overall production on this show blows away anything UFC has attempted here. I've got a master of the US PPV, so VQ is perfect.)
Robbie Lawler vs Joey Villasenor (The show starts off with a bang as Lawler scores the KO win in just 22 seconds with a spectacular flying knee.) Kazuhiro Nakamura vs Travis Galbraith Phil Baroni vs Yosuke Nishijima Dan Henderson vs Vitor Belfort (Possibly Belfort's last fight for Pride as he gives a lackluster effort, then gets busted for steroids. Not good for "The Phenom".) Butterbean vs Sean O'Haire (Embarrassing fight that belongs nowhere near a PPV; yeah, O'Haire was a sub for Mark Hunt but still...) Josh Barnett vs Pawel Nastula (Somebody from this fight got busted for 'roids and, shockingly, it was NOT Barnett...) Kevin Randleman vs Mauricio Rua (Randleman demonstrates the vast submission skills taught in the Hammer House as he simply lays on the mat doing nothing while Rua works on his legs for over a minute before finally locking in a kneebar for the submission. It's impossible to overstate just how lost and futile Randleman looked on the mat here - this after an over 10-year career in MMA. Oh yeah, he'd get popped for 'roids afterward, too.) Fedor Emelianenko vs Mark Coleman (Prior to the fight, they show a couple videos highlighting Mark Coleman as a dedicated family man who fights for his kids. This would provide an oddly touching, yet disturbing scene after the fight - Coleman gets thoroughly dominated as Fedor easily brushes off Coleman's one-dimensional takedown attack before submitting him. After the fight, Coleman's face is a mess but he brings his crying young children into the ring to assure them, over and over, "Daddy's OK". He then takes his kids over to meet Fedor and assures them that Fedor, the guy who just made mush out of Daddy's face, is really a nice guy. It's touching yet I can't help but be disturbed by the image of Coleman's kids crying, ya know? Then, in a nice moment of humor, Coleman playfully asks Fedor if he can punch him since he basically hadn't laid a glove on him during the fight. Fedor agrees and Coleman puts a couple gentle taps on Fedor's chin. If nothing else, this fight shows that Fedor is back-to-form after a year off and that Coleman really does need to retire. It's clear from his performance, and Randleman's, that the Hammer House has been completely passed by the rest of the MMA world.)