TAPE 809

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1.9 hrs (DVD)

RINGS MAELSTROM 3RD - 5/25/96 (Another excellent show from RINGS in Russia. I've got a conversion of a VHS master, so VQ is EX.)
Tsuyoshi Kohsaka vs Mikhail Ilioukhine Yuri Kotchkine vs ??? Mitsuya Nagai vs Yuri Bekichev (Looks like a legit shoot) Vladimir Klementiev vs Dick Vrij Volk Han vs Hans Nyman (Han refuses to break his submission hold, even after the ref repeatedly pounds on his back, so Dick Vrij comes running in and punts Han in the head. All hell breaks loose after that, with punches thrown and debris tossed into the ring. Not real sure why Han did what he did...) Andre Kopylev vs Bart Vale Yoshihisa Yamamoto vs Buzariashvili Ramazi (after a break on the ropes, Ramazi gives Yamamoto a shove and they start throwing punches and ANOTHER near-brawl/riot breaks out! Must be something in the water!) Nikolai Zouev vs Willy Williams