TAPE 821

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.4 hrs (DVD)

RINGS MEGA BATTLE '94 SECOND ROUND - 10/22/94 (Excellent show from the annual RINGS tournament, with lots of good action to be found here. I've got a conversion of a VHS master, so VQ is EX.)
Masayuki Naruse vs Bart Vale Grom Zaza vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Terrific match - ***1/2!) Willie Williams vs Pieter Oele Chris Dolman vs Mitsuya Nagai Hans Nyman vs Nikolai Zouev Tony Halme vs Bitsadze Tariel (I hate matches like this - where one guy totally dominates only to lose the match when he's within one knockdown of winning. It makes the fact that it's a work just seem so OBVIOUS. Especially when the finishing KO is a weak one. Funny moment when Tariel knocks down Halme: He punches Halme in the kidneys, prompting a very loud "Hey, what the fuck?" from Halme.) Dick Vrij vs Mikhail Ilioukhine Volk Han vs Andrei Kopylev (Not sure I understand the logic of this match - it's a non-tournament match and they have Han, who will end up in the finals of the tournament, submit. WTF kind of sense is that?)