TAPE 826

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 1.1 hrs (DVD)

NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - 4/20/85 (Another complete episode of JCP from 24/7! This is really great stuff, so nice to have it in this quality! I've got a DVD master, so VQ is perfect.)
Clip of Baby Doll slapping Dusty Rhodes Buddy Landel vs Mack Jeffers Jim Crockett giving Dusty Rhodes the new NWA World TV title belt Magnum TA vs Doug Vines (possibly the shortest match ever - maybe 5 seconds) Ivan Koloff vs Josh Stroud Interview w/Paul Jones (Jones shows off his arm scars that he got from being attacked by Jimmy Valiant then shows a clip of Valiant being attacked) Abdullah the Butcher vs Gene Ligon Tully Blanchard vs TJ Trippe (I'll say it right here, right now: Tully Blanchard is one of the all-time greats. He was truly one of the MVPs of the JCP shows - he wrestled every single show, he gave great promos, EVERYTHING. And his squashes and promos were always different - he would mix things up, try out new things, keep things fresh. He deserves to be mentioned in the same breath, if not BEFORE, Ric Flair as the best all-around performer of all-time.) Dusty Rhodes vs Khrusher Khruschev (Rare TV match on TBS for Dusty as he defends the TV title; the Russians attack Dusty after the match) Ole & Arn Anderson vs George South & Gerald Finley Black Bart vs Ron Rossi Thunderbolt Patterson & Manny Fernandez vs Jim Jeffers & Randy Barber