TAPE 834

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 1.2 hrs (DVD)

AWA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - 6/27/85 (Debut episode of the AWA on ESPN, as shown on 24/7 Historic stuff! This is actually a pretty promising episode, with several non-squash matches and nice camerawork, etc. The rest of the show - like the announcers and the sets - aren't up to snuff. But the beginnings of something good are there. I've got a DVD master, so VQ is perfect.)
Jimmy Garvin vs Larry Winters Greg Gagne vs Kahlua (Gagne has "just returned from Camp Slaughter" where he was supposedly whipped into shape and made tougher. Apparently that actually means he just wears a stupid-looking camouflage outfit while still looking like he's both: A) Never seen the inside of a gym or B) Ever seen sunshine either. He's just as pasty and flabby as ever.) In This Corner w/Rick Martel (This is the AWA's nowhere-near-as-good version of Piper's Pit, with Larry Zbyszko as the host. Funny stuff when Larry asks Martel to say how often he's defended his title and Martel no-sells the question.) Road Warriors vs Long Riders (Clipped - this may have been inserted by 24/7 as an extra feature as it's an arena match that looks to have taken place after the original broadcast of this show on ESPN.) Freebirds vs Curt Hennig, Tom Zenk & Buck Zumhofe (During this match, Verne Gagne starts namedropping guys all over the place - all stars from other areas, like Dusty Rhodes, the Von Erichs & Harley Race - and all in a positive light.) Sgt. Slaughter vs Boris Zhukov