TAPE 840

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

24/7 SHORTIES FOR JANUARY 2007 (Random handful of tag matches from 24/7 that were shown in January of 2007. I've got a master, so VQ is EX.)
Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts, WCCW, 7/4/84 (JIP) Fantastics vs Midnight Express, WCCW, 5/5/85 (2 rings - Controversial finish that sees the Midnight Express get screwed and the Fantastics win the American tag titles) Rick & Scott Steiner vs Sting & Lex Luger, WCW, 5/19/91 (Rare face vs face match-up that is handled properly and even has an actual finish.) DUDLEY BOYZ VS HARDY BOYZ VS EDGE & CHRISTIAN, WWF, 4/2/00 (Ladder Match - Wild, crazy triangle ladder match for the WWF tag titles. All kind of huge bumps and exciting spots. Yeah, this is a total spotfest but when they're done this well, who cares? Great match. Edge & Christian win WWF World tag titles.)