TAPE 848

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.75 hrs (2 DVD)

WCW BATTLEBOWL '93 - 11/20/93 (Lousy show featuring thrown-together tag teams with the winners all squaring off in a battle royal. This is the 24/7 version of the show, so you get the complete show. I've got a master so VQ is perfect.)
Vader & Cactus Jack vs Stevie Ray & Charlie Norris Johnny B Badd & Brian Knobbs vs Erik Watts & Paul Roma Paul Orndorff & Shockmaster vs Ricky Steamboat & Lord Steven Regal Announcement of location for Starrcade '93 & challenge of Vader by Ric Flair Dustin Rhodes & King Kong vs Awesome Kong & The Equalizer Sting & Jerry Saggs vs Ron Simmons & Keith Cole Ric Flair & Steve Austin vs Maxx Payne & Tool Cold Scorpio (Flair & Austin? Dream Team!) Rick Rude & Shanghi Pierce vs Marcus Bagwell & Tex Slazenger Hawk & Rip Rogers vs Booker T & Davey Boy Smith 16-Man Battle Royal (Great booking in this as they've got Vader, the WCW champ, show his prowess by basically eliminating Sting - cleanly - twice. Sets him up well as a super-monster champion for Starrcade.)