TAPE 862

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 68 min (DVD)

NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - 7/13/85 (Another complete episode of JCP from 24/7! This is really great stuff, so nice to have it in this quality! I've got a DVD master, so VQ is perfect.)
Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard, 7/4/85 (Cage - clip from the Great American Bash; Rhodes wins NWA World TV title; finish is NOT shown) Buddy Landel vs Rocky King Buzz & Brett Sawyer vs George South & Randy Barber Midnight Express vs Jason Walker & Terry Flynn Interview w/Magnum TA (Arn Anderson comes out and threatens Magnum & Dusty Rhodes) Dick Slater vs Gerald Finley Interview w/Dusty Rhodes (Rhodes now has Baby Doll with him; she walks off and Magnum TA comes out carrying Baby Doll over his shoulder; Baby Doll then tries to punch Dusty) Black Bart vs Gene Ligon (Terry Taylor on commentary for this one; after the match, Bart comes over and confronts Taylor; they then exchange slaps) Jimmy Valiant vs Barbarian (Paul Jones runs in and they hang Valiant) Interview w/Paul Jones, Mid-Atlantic TV (A little kid gives Jones a present - a dog collar and chain representing a dog collar match Valiant wants with Jones) Terry Taylor vs Mike Nichols (Taylor's WCW/JCP debut) Interview w/Rock & Roll Express Arn Anderson vs Adrian Bivens Rock & Roll Express vs Larry Clarke & Chuck Levens (Rock & Roll's TBS debut - and they're already the World tag champs!)