TAPE 875

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

24/7 HOLIDAY SHORTIES - 12/06 (A whole bunch of matches and skits with a holiday theme from 24/7. Great stuff here. I've got a master convert so quality is perfect.)
Midnight Express vs Buddy Rose & Doug Somers, AWA, 12/25/86 (Cage - little-seen match from this excellent feud) Rock & Roll Express vs Gangstas, SMW, 12/28/94 (JIP - the R&R Express win the SMW tag titles thanks to help from..........Jim Cornette!?!?!) Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts, WCCW, 12/25/83 (This the infamous angle where Michael Hayes comes out as Santa Claus and interferes. This being World Class, however, they botch the angle and the Von Erichs win anyway. STUPID.) Cactus Jack vs Sabu, ECW, 12/29/95 Mankind vs Santa, WWF, 12/20/99 (Boiler Room match) The Rock "Rocky Reindeer", WWF, 12/25/00 The Rock "Twas The Night", WWF, 12/24/01 Stone Cold Christmas Party, WWF, 12/24/01 Holiday Divas, WWF, 12/24/01 & 12/16/02