TAPE 878

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3.2 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 33 - 2/24/07 (What looked like a not-great show on paper ends up delivering, big-time. Lots of great action, big upsets, everything. I've got a PPV master so VQ is EX.)
Jason Ireland vs Joachim Hansen Frank Trigg vs Kazuo Misaki (Trigg is a badass - fights a long fight, then goes and does commentary later in the show!) James Lee vs Travis Wiuff (They hype up Wiuff big-time but call him a "newcomer" even though he has over 50 MMA fights. Wiuff lives up to the hype by getting destroyed in 39 seconds. HAHAHA.) Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (One of the bigger upsets you will ever see! Nogueira comes in at 12-2, having just earned a spot on the Brazilian Olympic boxing team. Sokoudjou? Well, he was an unknown. He ends up KO'ing Nogueira, with a punch of course, in just 23 seconds! Incredible!) Mac Danzig vs Hayato Sakurai Sergey Kharitonov vs Michael Russow Alistair Overeem vs Mauricio Rua TAKANORI GOMI VS NICK DIAZ (Awesome fight that sees Diaz pummel Gomi, thoroughly dominating the World Champ as never seen before. Unfortunately, Diaz would test positive for marijuana after the fight and his victory would be voided, changing this to a No Contest. Doesn't matter - he kicked Gomi's ass.) Vanderlei Silva vs Dan Henderson (Henderson comes in as the Welterweight champion for this title shot against Silva, the Middleweight champion. Henderson looks great and KNOCKS OUT Vanderlei! Big-time KO! Henderson wins the Middleweight title.)