TAPE 896

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.4 hrs (DVD)

MSG - 6/5/82 (Super-rare MSG show! This one is much-sought by WWF fans as it features one of the "other" Backlund/Snuka matches from MSG besides their cage match. The rest of the card is throwaway, but the main event is worth it. Even better, I've got a conversion from a master and VQ is EX!)
Jose Estrada vs Laurent Soucie Ivan Putski vs Mr. Saito Tony Atlas vs Greg Valentine Bob Orton vs Steve Travis Swede Hansen vs Tony Garea Bob Backlund vs Jimmy Snuka (***1/2 - easily the best of their matches that I've seen so far. Backlund starts out by attacking Lou Albano before the bell, then jumping Snuka as well. What follows is an excellent match with some interesting commentary - Vince McMahon puts over Snuka stronger than any challenger I can recall, basically saying the title is his for the taking. Backlund ends up getting counted out, making it two defeats in a row for him at MSG vs Snuka.) Pedro Morales vs Mr. Fuji (Fuji falls victim to the ultra-fast-count-for-the-face that so many heels fell prey to in the 1980s. Never understood why the WWF did that...) Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura vs Jay & Jay Strongbow (And Adonis falls victim too - getting pinned with his foot on the second rope, just like Superstar Graham lost the WWF title in 1978 with his foot on the ropes) Rick McGraw vs Charlie Fulton Fabulous Moolah & Sherri Martel vs Judy Martin & Penny Mitchell (Martel is very green here, barely getting into the match) Andre the Giant vs Blackjack Mulligan