TAPE 899

Quality: EX (See Below)

Length: 72 min (DVD)

PWFG - 3/14/91 (Debut show for Pro Wrestling Fujiwara-Gumi, the "other" shoot-style offshoot of the UWF. These guys were never as successful as UWFI or RINGS, but some good talent came through the group - Funaki, Sano, Shamrock, Suzuki, etc. This is a handheld of the show and has a timestamp on the screen the entire time. It's annoying but doesn't really detract from watching the matches themselves. Quality is otherwise EX.)
Yusuke Fuke vs Wellington Wilkins Jr Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Johnny Barrett Ken Shamrock vs Minoru Suzuki (30-min draw that just isn't that great, unfortunately)