TAPE 901

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 5 hrs (2 DVD)

MCMAHON (This is the set covering the career of Vince McMahon that the WWF released. The focus here is very heavily on the last few years rather than his early career. I've got a master so VQ is perfect)
2-Hour Documentary (Pretty good, though it mostly focuses on recent events with a heavy emphasis on the differences between Vince McMahon and the Mr. McMahon character/gimmick) Vince McMahon vs Steve Austin, Raw, 4/13/98 (No match - Dude Love attacks Austin) Vince McMahon vs Steve Austin, 2/14/99 (Cage - McMahon takes an incredible bump off the cage into an announce table that doesn't break properly. He claims to have legit fractured his tailbone - which I believe - and keeps working anyway. Incredible. Paul Wight makes his debut by coming up through the ring and attacking Austin. Beautiful finish, however, as Wight throws Austin into the side of the cage, only to have it break and swing open, allowing Austin to easily drop to the floor for the win.) Vince & Shane McMahon vs Steve Austin, KOTR '99, 6/27/99 (Ladder) Vince McMahon vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Armageddon '99, 12/12/99 (No DQ) Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon, WM 17, 4/1/01 (Street Fight) Vince McMahon vs Ric Flair, Royal Rumble '02, 1/20/02 (Street Fight - for once, Flair gets a win using his Figure Four...) Vince McMahon vs Hulk Hogan, WM 19, 3/30/03 Vince McMahon vs Stephanie McMahon, No Mercy '03, 10/19/03 ("I Quit" - Kinda twisted to see a father beating up on his daughter, worked or not. This took place just 6 days before Stephanie's legit wedding to HHH causing Linda McMahon to make Vince promise to not leave any marks on her daughter. Vince works a very smart match and keeps his promise.) Vince McMahon vs Undertaker, Survivor Series '03, 11/16/03 (Buried Alive)