TAPE 914

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS MEGA BATTLE '97 SEMI-FINALS - 12/23/97 (Another solid show, carried by the two main events. I've got a convert of a VHS master so VQ is EX, except where noted below.)
Christopher Haseman vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka (Good match - ***1/2) Wataru Sakata vs Masayuki Naruse (Naruse wins RINGS under-200lb title) Willie Peeters vs Sean Alvares (MMA Rules - Peeters looks like Cro Cop!) Grom Zaza vs Ricardo Morais (MMA Rules - Holy crap, this sucks. Morais is a completely unskilled fighter who can do absolutely nothing with Zaza, despite being about twice his size. Zaza does nothing but taka Morais down and lay there. AWFUL. There's a slight video break during this fight as well.) Volk Han vs Mikhail Ilioukhine (Semi-Finals - Excellent match until Han legit injures his leg. I can't help but think he was supposed to win, based on the results of the other semi. There's a slight video break BEFORE the match.) Akira Maeda vs Kiyoshi Tamura (Semi-Finals - They do a great job of setting this match up, showing the previous matches between these two from the UWF and RINGS. Tamura gets the biggest win of his career to this point by making Maeda tap.)