TAPE 917

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS FREE FIGHT GALA '98 - 2/8/98 (The fourth in RINGS annual all-shoot shows in Holland. Solid stuff in front of a lively crowd. I've got a VHS master convert so VQ is EX.)
Christopher Haseman vs Valentin Overeem Pedro Palm vs Sander Mac Killian Sander Thonhauser vs Cees Bezems (Thonhauser, who is a completely unskilled hack on the ground, somehow manages to pull off a submission win here) Johan Buur vs Dave Van Der Veen Wataru Sakata vs Willie Peeters (Wild fight - Peeters breaks the rules over and over and gets away with it. Finally, after Peeters nails Sakata with yet another illegal elbow, a Japanese guy at ringside gets pissed and grabs hold of Peeters leg and starts trying to pull him off of Sakata! Naturally, Peeters is pissed, so he jumps to his feet and DRILLS the guy with a punch in the face. Much chaos ensues and eventually Peeters ends up winning. Total BS.) Joop Kasteel vs Bitsadze Ameran Gilbert Yvel vs Bob Schreiber (Kind of like a Tough Man version of MMA - all-action, all swinging for the fences. Weird to see the two dirtiest fighters ever hook it up in a relatively clean fight - weirder yet, Mr. No Submission Skills Yvel scores a submission!) Tsuyoshi Kohsaka vs Rob Van Esdonk Dick Vrij vs Paul Varelans 1997 RINGS Highlights