TAPE 945

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3 hrs (DVD)

WWF ALL-AMERICAN - 9/25/83 (Fourth episode overall, this is the first non-profile episode of All-American. This is truly a brilliant concept on the part of Vince McMahon. He somehow convinces other promoters to send him tapes to show of their stars. So he runs tapes of Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, and others, getting those guys over - all while planning to snatch them up and bring them to the WWF. BRILLIANT. All match dates given are actual dates not air dates. I've got a VHS master convert, so VQ is EX.)
Tito Santana vs Mr. Fuji, Philly, 8/13/83 (JIP) Samoans vs Jay & Jules Strongbow, 3/8/83 (Samoans win WWF tag title) Hulk Hogan, Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell vs Jesse Ventura, Ken Patera & Bobby Heenan, AWA, 3/13/83 (Semi-blown finish leaving Heenan to have to flip himself over for the finish) Iron Sheik vs Ray Coutu, 10/4/83 Sgt. Slaughter "On Maneuvers" Butch Reed vs Magnum TA, Mid-South (Reed kicks out of TA's belly-to-belly)
WWF ALL-AMERICAN - 10/9/83 (Fifth episode; more of the same as above)
Masked Superstar clips Masked Superstar vs Eddie Gilbert, 8/23/83 (Superstar "breaks" Gilbert's neck) David Schultz vs Buck Zumhoffe, AWA (JIP - Zumhoffe kicks out of Schultz's elbow) Sgt. Slaughter vs Swede Hanson, MSG, 7/30/83 (Swede takes the Cobra Clutch for 3 minutes!) Andre the Giant, Ivan Putski, Jay Strongbow & Rocky Johnson vs Samoans & Big John Studd, Philly, 7/16/83 (3/5 Falls - JIP) Ric Flair & Wahoo McDaniel vs Golden Boy Gray & Tom Lintz, Mid-Atlantic, 1983
WWF ALL-AMERICAN - 10/16/83 (Sixth episode; more of the same as above)
Jimmy Snuka vs Buddy Rose, MSG, 1/22/83 (JIP - Snuka slips trying a springboard splash) Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd, Los Angeles, 8/29/83 (Bodyslam match - Ending only - Andre wins, then starts a near-riot by throwing the cash to the crowd) Mil Mascaras vs Johnny Rodz Bob Backlund vs Iron Mike Sharpe, Philly, 4/30/83 (JIP) Jos LeDuc vs Bruce Walkup, CWF Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson vs Butcher Vachon & Tony Colon, 9/13/83 Sonny Boy & Poncho Boy vs Butch Cassidy & Tiger Jackson, MSG
WWF ALL-AMERICAN - 10/23/83 (Seventh episode; more of the same as above)
Interview w/Eddie Gilbert re: his injured neck Tiger Chung Lee vs SD Jones, MSG, 10/17/83 Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell vs Mike Brown & Freddy Peliquin, AWA (2/3 Falls) Don Muraco vs Jay Strongbow, Philly, 9/24/83 Interview w/Butch Reed, Mid-South re: recent heel leanings Butch Reed vs Hacksaw Duggan, Mid-South, 3/21/83 ("Battle of the Hacksaws" - clips) Ivan Koloff vs Bob Clement, 10/4/83 (After the match, Koloff confronts Pat Patterson and smacks the crap out of him; hilarious to hear Patterson in his thick French-Canadian accident pretending to be an American defending American wrestlers)