TAPE 946

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

WWF ALL-AMERICAN - 9/4/83 (Debut show of All-American. The first 3 episodes each highlight a WWF superstar, with this one covering champion Bob Backlund. These are excellent shows with some really nice footage on them. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX)
Bob Backlund vs Superstar Graham, MSG, 2/20/78 (JIP - Backlund wins WWF World title; I'll never understand why they had a face win the title via screwjob) Bob Backlund vs Ken Patera, MSG, 1/21/80 (JIP) Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis, Philly, 3/20/82 (JIP) Bob Backlund vs Jesse Ventura, MSG, 3/14/82 (JIP - Ivan Putski counts a super-fast pin for Backlund; another face screwjob win that makes no sense) Bob Backlund vs Buddy Rose, MSG, 8/30/82 (JIP) Bob Backlund vs Swede Hanson, WWF TV, 9/82 (JIP - Superstar comes to ringside and destroys Backlund's title belt. Backlund would give a crying interview afterward that hurt his standing with a LOT of fans. That, however, is NOT shown here.) Bob Backlund vs Superstar Graham, MSG, 12/28/82 (JIP - Lumberjack match) Bob Backlund vs Don Muraco, MSG, 3/20/83 (clips - Texas Death - finish not shown) Bob Backlund vs Iron Mike Sharpe, Philly, 4/30/83 (JIP) Bob Backlund vs Ivan Koloff, Philly, 6/4/83 (JIP) Interview w/Bob Backlund
WWF ALL-AMERICAN - 9/11/83 (More of the same as above, this time covering Jimmy Snuka)
Jimmy Snuka vs Jeff Craney, WWF TV, 1/25/82 (Snuka's WWF debut - he's wearing boots!) Jimmy Snuka vs Bob Backlund, MSG, 6/28/82 (JIP - Cage - famous match where Snuka misses his Superfly Leap) Rogers Corner w/Jimmy Snuka & Lou Albano, WWF TV, 10/9/82 (Rogers tells Snuka that Albano has stolen all of his money and that Albano never had a contract with him; this is Snuka's face turn) Jimmy Snuka vs Ray Stevens, WWF TV, 10/9/82 (No match - Stevens & Albano attack Snuka before the match and Snuka does the most obvious bladejob ever. Stevens then piledrives Jimmy on the concrete.) Jimmy Snuka vs Ray Stevens, MSG, 12/28/82 Jimmy Snuka/Don Muraco Brawl, WWF, 5/31/83 Jimmy Snuka vs Don Muraco, Philly, 8/13/83 (Swede Hanson is the ref and gets splashed - watch for Muraco as he blades BEFORE getting hit with a headbutt) Interview w/Jimmy Snuka
WWF ALL-AMERICAN - 9/18/83 (More of the same as above, this time covering Andre the Giant)
Interview w/Andre the Giant (Infamous interview with Vince McMahon where Andre completely towers over McMahon; it has since been revealed Andre was standing on a box) Andre the Giant vs Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada Andre the Giant & Rick McGraw vs Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito, MSG, 3/14/82 (2/3 Falls - 1st fall is complete, 2nd fall clipped) Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan, MSG, 9/22/80 (JIP - Gorilla Monsoon guest ref - Incredible gem here - this match was blacked out on the original broadcast and has never been shown in any form anywhere else. Hogan SLAMS ANDRE and, in a finish nearly identical to part of their Wrestlemania 3, tries for another slam but gets pinned when he can't hold Andre. Only, unlike WM3, despite kicking out, he gets pinned.) Andre the Giant tries the $10,000 Big John Bodyslam Challenge (Freddie Blassie blocks the slam, then Studd attacks Andre) Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd, Cap Centre, 4/23/83 (JIP)