TAPE 948

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 28 - 8/28/94 (Shockingly decent Clash despite the Hogan overload throughout. If you can get past the constant Hogan updates and nonsense, there's some great action here. I've got a master of the 24/7 version of the show so VQ is EX.) Nasty Boys vs Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma (Gotta love WCW, putting a NON-TITLE match on a Clash of *CHAMPIONS* to setup a title match on a weekend show. Retarded.) Hulk Hogan attacked by masked assailant (WCW copies the Nancy Kerrigan attack and has a masked man, later revealed to either be Brutus Beefcake, or paid by Brutus, attack Hulk's knee with a pipe. They spend the rest of the show frantically updating Hogan's condition at a hospital, declaring that he'll have to forfeit his title if he doesn't show up, etc. The whole angle just completely overshadows everything else - not in a good way.) STEVE AUSTIN VS RICKY STEAMBOAT (Fantastic match between two guys who could really GO. Unfortunately, Steamboat suffers the injury that would end his career in this match though you'd never know it just by watching. Steamboat wins the US title.) Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck (They hype - over and over - that this is the first time Dusty & Dustin have ever teamed together. In WCW, that's true. But they teamed several times in the WWF. After the match, Meng comes into the ring and no-sells a chairshot from Dusty - the old 'only wooden chair in the arena' chairshot - and then lays him out with a nervehold.) Antonio Inoki vs Steven Regal Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair (Hogan miraculously recovers enough to actually wrestle forcing Flair to try and carry him as he works a "one-legged-man" angle. Watch during the match for an old lady to try and hit Flair with her walker - LOL. The masked man makes another appearance and this time appears to be Arn Anderson under the hood.)