TAPE 950

Quality: EX

Length: 102 min (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 10/20/84 (Debut show of this incredible show from Japan. Featured are matches from the US - many of which were never aired in the US. Rare footage abounds throughout the World Pro shows. These shows are absolutely must-haves. Quality is EX.)
Kamala vs Great Kabuki, WCCW, 5/6/84 Road Warriors vs Ken Draper & Craig Carson, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Road Warriors vs Tracy Smothers & Keith Eric, PWUSA, 9/18/84 (I may have the order on these two matches reversed) Road Warriors vs Ken Draper & Mark Ragin, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Bruiser Brody vs Michael Hayes, WCCW, 9/2/84 Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich, WCCW, 5/11/84 (Excellent NWA title rematch)
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 10/27/84 (More of the same as above; VQ is EX)
Super Destroyers, Great Kabuki & Missing Link vs Freebirds & Killer Khan, WCCW, 5/11/84 (One of the Super D's gets unmasked) Masa Saito vs Rick Carson, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Masa Saito vs Tracy Smothers, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Masa Saito vs Keith Eric, PWUSA, 9/18/84 (order on these three might be mixed-up) Andre the Giant & Iceman Parsons vs Super Destroyers, WCCW, 4/6/84 Ric Flair vs Chris Adams, WCCW, 7/27/84 (Flair defends the NWA title and gets a clean win)