TAPE 951

Quality: EX

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 11/10/84 (More of the awesome World Pro TV from Japan. VQ is EX.)
Kerry Von Erich vs Super Destroyer #1, WCCW, 3/30/84 Rock & Roll Express vs Lanny Poffo & Phil Hickerson, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Fabulous Ones music video "Sharp-Dressed Man", PWUSA, 1984 Fabulous Ones vs ??? & ???, PWUSA, 1984 Missing Link vs Mike Gallagher, WCCW, 3/30/84 (could also be 9/7/84) Terry Gordy & Killer Khan vs Chris Adams & Iceman Parsons, WCCW, 5/18/84
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 11/17/84 (More of the same; quality is EX)
Fabulous Ones & Blackjack Lanza vs Billy Robinson, Larry Zbyszko & Masa Saito, AWA, 9/20/84 (picture has an occasional tracking flaw) 20-Man Battle Royal, AWA, 6/10/84 (Bruiser Brody attacks Jerry Blackwell after the match, turning him face with a HUGE beatdown) Kamala vs Iceman Parsons, WCCW, 4/15/84 Rick Martel vs Nick Bockwinkel, AWA, 8/16/84 (they work the lame "double pin" finish that was so popular. The goofy result gets Bockwinkel, who was cleanly pinned, a rematch that's shown on a later World Pro episode.)