TAPE 953

Quality: Varies

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 11/24/84 (Another great episode of this rare show. Quality on this one is VG)
Rock & Roll Express vs Nightmares, PWUSA, 1984 (possibly 9/18/84) Dory Funk vs Dutch Mantell, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Harley Race vs Dutch Mantell, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Nick Bockwinkel vs Lanny Poffo, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Kevin Von Erich vs Killer Khan, WCCW, 7/20/84 (could also be 9/14/84) Road Warriors vs Jerry Lawler & Tommy Rich, PWUSA, 1984 (This one actually takes place in Mid-Atlantic ring; Lawler gets injured so Bob Backlund comes out to take his place!)
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 12/1/84 (Another complete episode of this rare show. Quality on this ranges from poor/unwatchable to decent until the last match, which is EX.)
Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs Kelly Kiniski & Buddy Roberts, WCCW, 3/30/84 Jerry Lawler video, PWUSA, 1984 Jerry Lawler vs Randy Barber, PWUSA, 11/3/84 (That's a TV date) Jerry Lawler & Tommy Rich vs Nightmares, PWUSA, 9/18/84 Tony Atlas vs Steve Regal, AWA, 8/16/84 Rick Martel vs Nick Bockwinkel, AWA, 9/20/84 (Bockwinkel has Masa Saito at ringside for this rematch of their controversial 8/16/84 match. Saito interferes, throwing salt into Martel's eyes. Bockwinkel then pins Martel, apparently winning the AWA World title. The decision gets reversed and the title returned to Martel, however.)