TAPE 957

Quality: EX

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 2/2/85 (More of this rare show; quality on this is EX)
Greg Gagne vs Sheik Adnan El-Kaissey, AWA, 1984 (Cage - Masked Superar runs in and Jerry Blackwell makes the save. I hate cage matches that include interference - defeats the whole purpose. It's one thing to do it like Memphis did with Tommy Rich under the ring but here, Superstar just opens the door and walks in. Retarded.) Kamala vs Steve O'Ray, AWA Gran Cochise vs Mocho Cota, CMLL (Hair vs Hair) Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Ole Anderson & Keith Larson, NWA, 11/22/84 (From Starrcade '84) Ric Flair vs Bruiser Brody, St. Louis, 1/4/85
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 2/9/85 (More of this rare show; quality on this is EX)
Road Warriors video Road Warriors vs Pat Rose & Tommy Davis, Georgia, 1983 Road Warriors vs Mike Jackson & Randy Barber, Georgia, 1984 Road Warriors vs Martin Escobaro & The Iron Duke, AWA, 1984 Road Warriors singing, Memphis, 1984 (Hilariously bad) Road Warriors vs The Crusher & Baron Von Raschke, AWA, 8/25/84 (The Warriors win the AWA World tag titles) Road Warriors vs Jerry Blackwell & King Kong Bundy, AWA, 11/22/84 (Animal slams Blackwell) Road Warriors vs Fabulous Ones, AWA, 12/13/84