TAPE 958

Quality: EX

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 2/16/85 (More of this rare show; quality on this is EX)
Road Warriors vs Greg Brown & Mike Starbuck, Georgia, 1984 Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts & Chick Donovan vs Skandor Akbar, Missing Link & Mr. X, WCCW, 12/25/84 (Elimination Match) Perro Aguayo & El Pharoah vs Villano III & Cien Caras, CMLL, 1984/85 Harley Race vs Jerry Blackwell, St. Louis, 11/16/84 (Blackwell wins Missouri title - Amazing spot when Race picks up Blackwell, HOLDS HIM, then turns him over and slams him. WOW!) Rick Martel vs Jimmy Garvin, AWA, 12/84 or 1/17/85 (Lame finish sees Garvin KO Martel with a foreign object to "win" the AWA title; Garvin sticks the foreign in his armpit and it falls out when his arm gets raised, thus DQ'ing him.)
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 2/23/85 (More of this rare show; quality on this is EX)
RIC FLAIR VS KERRY VON ERICH, ST. LOUIS, 1/25/85 (Clipped - Outstanding match - quite possibly the best match I've ever seen between these two. They're given a lot of time to work and do a wonderful job of it. The best part? Ric Flair goes over 100% clean by pinfall. No funny business at all.) Kamala vs Tom Zenk & Ed Sullivan, AWA, 1984/85 Sgt. Slaughter vs Masa Saito, AWA, 1/10/85 Road Warriors vs Brad Rheingans & ???, AWA, 1984/85