TAPE 959

Quality: EX (See Below)

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 3/11/85 (More of this rare show; this one is 2 hours long unlike the others I've seen that have been 1 hour. Quality on this is EX with a touch of tracking problem at the bottom in the first part of the show.)
Road Warriors vs ??? & ???, AWA, 1985 Kerry Von Erich vs Chris Adams, WCCW, 1/11/85 (After the match, One Man Gang comes out and destroys Kerry) Gran Hamada & Anibal vs Fishman & El Canek, CMLL, 1985 (Gran Hamada unmasks?) Great Kabuki vs ???, AWA, 1985 Kamala vs Bruiser Brody, St. Louis, 1/25/85 Rick Martel vs Jimmy Garvin, AWA, 12/6/84 (So, why was the finish so lame for the Martel vs Garvin match on the 2/16/85 episode of WPW? Because they ran the EXACT SAME FINISH IN THIS MATCH AS WELL. Man, that's just so lazy and lame.) Road Warriors vs Sgt. Slaughter & Jerry Blackwell, AWA, 2/22/85 (Interesting moment in the match that looks like either a miscommunication or a non-cooperation involving Hawk & Slaughter. They're in the corner and Hawk goes to slam the Sarge's head into the turnbuckle. Sarge stiffens up to not allow it but eventually gives in and his head ends up rammed into the turnbuckle very slowly. Looks very awkward.) Profile of Sunshine, WCCW, 1985 Billy Jack Haynes vs Shawn Michaels, 1/11/85 (Michaels does some arrogant flippy-floppy stuff - and gets squashed in about 45 seconds.) Ric Flair vs Terry Gordy, WCCW, 1/11/85 (Leave it to World Class to overshadow a world title match with a lame angle beforehand: Billy Jack Haynes & Sunshine come out to challenge the winner. Flair then talks some trash and kisses Sunshine who, after not resisting, slaps him. Blech. They work a stupid variation of the "both guys pinned after a back suplex but one guy lifts his shoulder" angle that EVERYBODY ran in 1984/85.)