TAPE 963

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 45 min (DVD)

CWF - 8/5/84 (This is an episode of CWF TV that was taped at a house show at the Eddie Graham Sports Complex. Shows like this are a great way to kill a town though - key matches that are way too short and just a general screwing of the fan. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX)
Denny Brown vs Hector Guerrero (JIP) Ric Flair vs Scott McGhee (Ending only - from a previous TV show) One Man Gang & The Saint contract signing Scott McGhee vs Ron Bass (McGhee scores the pin in like 4 seconds - a title match that goes 4 seconds? Way to screw your fans guys...) Billy Jack Haynes vs The Saint (JIP - after the match, Dory Funk runs in and whips Haynes with a bullwhip) Billy Jack Haynes vs Black Bart (Bart hits Haynes with the end of a bullwhip but ends up losing anyway. After the match, Haynes attacks Bart some more and chokes him until he admits who gave him the piece of bullwhip to use...) Pez Whatley vs Ray Harris Superstar Graham vs Mike Fever Dory Funk vs Johnny King (Funk whips King after the match until Billy Jack saves) Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan (Hangman's Noose match - very short match that ends when Sullivan's minions interfere and Superstar Graham runs in. Mulligan gets choked with the noose until Mike Graham makes the big save.)