TAPE 964

Quality: EX

Length: 109 min (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 4/15/85 (Loaded 2-hr World Pro Special mostly featuring matches from PWUSA and 5 title matches. Unfortunately, it sounds better than it is with most of the matches misfiring to some degree. Still, there's plenty of good stuff here and it's definitely worth picking up. VQ on this is EX.)
Tag Team Battle Royal, PWUSA, 2/24/85 Von Erichs Music Video "I Need a Hero", WCCW, 1985 Von Erichs at Home (they play with a Tiger cub, do some exercises, and demonstrate their hand strength by crushing apples and cans with their hands), WCCW, 1985 David Von Erich vs The Mongol (I think), WCCW, 1983 Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez, WCCW, 3/22/85 (Texas Tornado Match - Adams & Hernandez get DQ'ed for whipping the Von Erichs with their singles title belts) Profiles of One Man Gang and Hercules Hernandez, WCCW, 1985 (OMG is shown pulling a van while Hernandez is shown frolicking with a bikini-clad Sunshine in a pool.) One Man Gang vs Hercules Hernandez, WCCW, 3/85 (Not sure on that date - the only results I can find for these two are from Dallas and this match doesn't take place in Dallas. In fact, it takes place in a venue I've never seen before for WCCW - like a HS gym.) Road Warriors vs Jerry Lawler & Baron Von Raschke, PWUSA, 2/24/85 Rick Martel vs Jimmy Garvin, PWUSA, 2/24/85 (Lame - a world title match that goes like 8 minutes with a DQ finish. No wonder the New York fans stopped coming...) Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Steve Keirn & Jimmy Valiant, PWUSA, 2/24/85 (I can't help but think Valiant is a sub for Stan Lane here. Some JCP-esque camera work here as the finish and pinfall occur completely off camera and are never replayed. AWESOME.) Ric Flair vs Harley Race, PWUSA, 2/24/85 (Flair scores a rare 100% clean pinfall win here. They do some time-shaving here for no apparent reason, turning a match that goes about 18 minutes into a "25 minute" match. There are some occasional MINOR tracking flaws in this match.)