TAPE 973

Quality: EX

Length: 98 min (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 2/10/87 (More awesome, rare footage from this great TV show. Quality on this is EX.)
Midnight Express & Bubba Rogers vs Rock & Roll Express & Ronnie Garvin, NWA, 1/4/87 (Botched finish - Garvin & Condrey mess up a roll-up and Condrey gets pinned with his shoulders not on the mat.) Abdullah the Butcher vs Mark Youngblood, WCCW, 10/27/86 Clips of Gimmick Matches, Pro Wrestling This Week Kevin, Mike & Lance Von Erich vs Black Bart, Al Madril & Brian Adidas, WCCW, 12/5/86 Ric Flair vs Nikita Koloff, NWA, 1/4/87 (Tully Blanchard runs in for the double-team, then Dusty comes out for the save. Nikita then steals the world title belt.)
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 2/17/87 (More of this great show. Quality is EX.)
Ricky Morton vs Manny Fernandez, NWA, 1/87 (Lots of run-ins from the tag partners as you might imagine) 1950s Clips (Shiek throwing a fireball, Antonio Rocca vs Johnny Valnetine, etc) Arn Anderson vs Barry Windham, NWA, 1/4/87 Jimmy Snuka vs Colonel DeBeers, AWA, 1/87 (Coal Miner's Glove Match - Snuka gets the glove but before he can use it, DeBeers pulls out a second glove and KOs Snuka with it.) Road Warriors vs Midnight Express, NWA, 1/29/87 (Scaffold match - same as the one on Superstars on the Superstation II, I believe)