TAPE 974

Quality: Varies

Length: 76 min

MID-ATLANTIC TV - 10/20/84 (Partial episode of this very rare show. Some fun stuff on this one. Quality is VG, almost VG/EX.)
Mike Rotundo vs Doug Vines (Vines has a horrible punch...) Don Kernodle signing cage match title defense, NWA Worldwide, 10/13/84 Assassin #1 vs Ultimate Assassin (Paul Jones runs in and accidentally KOs Assassin #1; Ultimate Assassin then unmasks to reveal Johnny Weaver. Jones then walks out on Assassin #1 and leaves him laying there.) Manny Fernandez vs Mark Fleming Interview w/Paul Jones & Zambuie Express (Assassin #1 comes out and confronts Jones, thus starting his face turn) Ron Bass & Black Bart vs Sam Houston & Brett Hart (Barry Horowitz) Wahoo McDaniel vs Joel Deaton Interview w/Paul Jones (Assassin #1 comes out and confronts Jones again, this time fully turning face) Tully Blanchard vs Brian Adidas (Tully is working his "$10,000 if you beat me" gimmick. The ref gets KOed and isn't there to count when Adidas "pins" Tully; Adidas then throws some of Tully's money to the crowd.)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 10/20/84 (Another rare episode of TV from 1984, this one basically complete. VQ on this is VG/EX.)
Mike Rotundo vs Mark Fleming Interview w/Brian Adidas (includes clip of Adidas vs Tully, MACW, 10/20/84) Manny Fernandez vs Jeff Sword (Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle run in, Dusty makes the save) Ad for Starrcade '84 Starrcade '84 Rally (This is edited out) Ron Bass & Black Bart vs Denny Brown & Keith Larsen American Starship vs Joel Deaton & Doug Vines (Starship are Dan Spivey & Scott Hall) Interview w/Paul Jones (clip of Johnny Weaver unmasked) Wahoo McDaniel vs Brett Hart Zambuie Express vs Sam Houston & Mike Davis