TAPE 976

Quality: EX

Length: 2.9 hrs (DVD)

PANCRASE EYES OF BEAST 1 - 1/26/95 (First in a series of generally very good comm tapes covering Eyes of Beast tour of 1995 for Pancrase. A loaded roster made for excellent shows. VQ is EX)
Yusuke Fuke vs Richard Saar (Saar gets KO'ed by a backhand in 23 seconds!) Takafumi Ito vs Gregory Smit Frank Shamrock vs Katsuomi Inagaki Masa Funaki vs Jason Delucia Bas Rutten vs Manabu Yamada (Yamada gets choked completely out - very scary looking) Ken Shamrock vs Leon Dijk (Shamrock breaks Dijk's ankle/leg)
PANCRASE EYES OF BEAST 2 - 3/10/95 (more of the same as above; VQ is EX)
Vernon White vs Takafumi Ito Scott Bessac vs Osami Shibuya (Clipped) Katsuomi Inagaki vs Alex Cook (Cook's corner calls him "Cookie", LOL) (Clipped) Yusuke Fuke vs Larry Papadopoulous (Clipped) Manabu Yamada vs Jason Delucia Minoru Suzuki vs Gregory Smit Masa Funaki vs Frank Shamrock (Frank taps!) Bas Rutten vs Ken Shamrock (Bas taps in just 61 seconds!)
PANCRASE EYES OF BEAST 3 - 4/8/95 (More of the same as above; VQ is EX)
Takafumi Ito vs Scott Bessac (Clipped) Gregory Smit vs Osami Shibuya (Clipped) Vernon White vs Larry Papadopoulos (Clipped) Jason Delucia vs John Renfroe Bas Rutten vs Yusuke Fuke Frank Shamrock vs Minoru Suzuki Masa Funaki vs Manabu Yamada (Huge upset as Funaki taps out to mid-carder Yamada)