TAPE 986

Quality: Varies (Master Convert)

Length: 2.2 hrs (DVD)

CAP CENTRE - 3/28/82 (Hard-to-find - especially in this quality - complete card from the Cap Centre. What kills me about this show is the number of fast counts - it's unreal. Nearly every match ends with the ref screwing someone. Horrible! I've got a master convert so VQ is EX but there's a slight drop after the Valentine/Morales match)
Steve Travis vs Johnny Rodz (Rodz gets in an unreal amount of offense, just killing Travis for well over 10 minutes. He never looked so good! Then Travis scores the pin after a super-fast count and the crowd BOOS despite Travis being a face.) Wendy Richter vs Princess Victoria (Velvet McIntyre is the guest ref - arguably the three hottest North American female wrestlers of the decade all in one ring - nice! This is also a pretty decent match that ends - SURPRISE - after a fast count.) Greg Valentine vs Pedro Morales (Ending is cut off though I'm sure there was probably a fast count in this one too) Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis (Lumberjack Match - ***1/2 - Excellent match marred only by, you guessed it, a fast count finish. Adonis takes a brutal-looking piledriver.) Rick McGraw vs Charlie Fulton (Another fast count? OF COURSE.) Jesse Ventura vs Tony Garea Ivan Putski vs Mr. Fuji (Yep, one last fast count to end the night...)