TAPE 987

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.1 hrs (DVD)

PHILLY SPECTRUM - 2/19/83 (Full card from 24/7. Not particularly great but not horrible either. Always fun to see title matches - Backlund/Studd - that MSG didn't get. I've got a master so VQ is EX.)
Curt Hennig vs Jose Estrada Jose Luis Rivera vs Johnny Rodz (Rodz gets a big FACE reaction from the Philly fans) Tony Garea vs Charlie Fulton (Kind of a double finish - the ref counts 3 even though Fulton's shoulder is up but the wrestlers ignore him and go to another finish) SD Jones vs Swede Hanson Baron Scicluna vs Eddie Gilbert Bob Backlund vs Big John Studd Samoans vs Jay & Jules Strongbow (2/3 Falls - Wild match that sees both teams brawling all over the place. Lots of action - surprisingly good match. After the first fall, one of the Samoans goes out and shakes hands with one of the ringside fans?!!?!) Andre the Giant, Jimmy Snuka, Rocky Johnson, Pedro Morales & Sal Bellomo vs Buddy Rose, Ray Stevens, Mr. Fuji, Superstar Graham & Don Muraco (3/5 Falls)