TAPE 991

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.75 hrs (2 DVD)

WCW MAYHEM '99 - 11/21/99 (Not exactly a throwaway show but nothing special either. This is the 24/7 version of the show. I've got a master so VQ is EX.)
Chris Benoit vs Jeff Jarrett Evan Karagias vs Disco Inferno (Karagias wins WCW Cruiserweight title) Brian Knobbs vs Norman Smiley (Hardcore match - Smiley wins Hardcore title) Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn & Asya vs Eddy Guerrero, Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson (Elimination tag - Eddy hits the Frog Splash on Asya!) Curt Hennig vs Marcus Bagwell (Loser Must Retire - THIS is how Hennig goes out?) Sting vs Bret Hart (Interesting match in that Sting works as a heel here - then he taps out for one of the very few times in his career) The debut of the "Oklahoma" character (ill-fated attempt to mock Jim Ross) Vampiro & Jerry Only vs Alex Wright & The Wall (Dog Collar Match - Steve Williams comes in nad lays out Vampiro & Only) Lex Luger vs Meng Scott Hall vs Booker T (Hall does his usual promo before the match but is CLEARLY completely smashed.) David Flair vs Kimberly Page (tons of run-ins - Arn Anderson gets stretchered out) Goldberg vs Sid Vicious ("I Quit" match - Sid never quits but passes out) Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit (WCW World title finals- Hart wins the WCW World title)