TAPE 1008

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

WWF ALL-AMERICAN WRESTLING - 2/12/84 (Complete episode of All-American that I taped back in the day because of the INCREDIBLE MAIN EVENT tag match - Garea/Gilbert vs Fuji/Chung Lee. I've got a VHS master convert so VQ is EX.)
Interview w/Hulk Hogan in locker room after title win, MSG, 1/23/84 Don Muraco vs Salvatore Bellomo, Philly, 1/21/84 John Callahan vs Paul Orndorff Tony Garea & Eddie Gilbert vs Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee Piper's Pit: Paul Orndorff Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas vs Bob Bradley & Rene Goulet Gilbert Guerrero vs Mil Mascaras, St Louis