TAPE 1010

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1.5 hrs (DVD)

WWF SATURDAY NIGHT'S MAIN EVENT - 11/29/86 (Another good SNME from the heyday of the show. I've got a VHS master convert so VQ is EX.)
Jake Roberts vs Randy Savage, 11/15/86 (Rare heel-vs-heel matchup. Jake is over huge with the fans and they make him the face for the match) Hulk Hogan vs Hercules Hernandez, 11/15/86 Roddy Piper vs Bob Orton, 11/15/86 Killer Bees vs Hart Foundation, 11/15/86 Nikolai Volkoff vs Koko B. Ware, 11/15/86 Dick Slater vs Don Muraco, 11/15/86 (Slater comes up from JCP, where he was a top-level guy who'd been in main events for years. The WWF takes him and squashes him out in 2 minutes in a throwaway time-filler match at the end of a show.)