TAPE 1015

Quality: VG/EX (Master Convert - Almost EX)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

WWF ALL-STAR WRESTLING - 4/14/84 (Pretty solid episode of WWF TV. This was taped on 3/28/84. I recorded this myself back in 1984 and it is the New York feed of the show. I have a VHS master convert, VQ is VG/EX, almost EX.)
Tito Santana vs Israel Matia WWF Magazine Update: Paul Orndorff Bob Orton vs Jose Luis Rivera Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, & S.D. Jones vs Ron Shaw, Tony Colon, & John Calahan Interview w/Bob Backlund re: MSG 4/23/84 vs Greg Valentine Interview w/Sgt. Slaughter re: MSG 4/23/84 vs Iron Sheik Interview w/Greg Valentine re: MSG 4/23/84 vs Bob Backlund David Schultz & Paul Orndorff vs Francisco Vasquez & Johnny Rivera Piper's Pit: Frank Williams (yes, this is THAT Piper's Pit - Piper mocks Williams, a jobber familiar to all who watched WWF TV back then, then beats him up and issues the famous line, "Just when they think they know all the answers, I change the questions!" Classic!) Terry Daniels vs Johnny Ringo (Daniels' debut as a member of the Cobra Corps) Hulk Hogan vs Samoan #1 (Rare TV match for Hogan) Interview w/Iron Sheik & Freddie Blassie re: MSG 4/23/84 vs Sgt. Slaughter Tonga Kid vs Tony Russo