TAPE 1016

Quality: Varies (All Master Converts)

Length: 1.5 hrs (DVD)

MISC COMPILATION FROM 1984 (Another compilation of stuff I taped myself back when I was a kid. I've got a VHS master convert so VQ is EX.)
Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas vs Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis, 4/17/84 (Murdoch & Adonis win WWF tag title) Greg Valentine vs Hulk Hogan, MSG, 7/23/84 Samoans vs Big John Studd, Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis, St. Louis, 8/10/84 (The heels just torture Samoan #3 here, eventually pinning him) Hulk Hogan vs Moondog Rex, WWF TV, 8/29/84 Wendi Richter vs Fabulous Moolah, St. Louis, 9/1/84 (No finish - this is actually from one of the WWF shows that ran on WTBS. Some picture shake and the picture switches to black & white as well.)