TAPE 1023

Quality: EX

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

W*ING: SCRAMBLE FIRE TAG TEAM - 10/31/93 (Commercial tape; Every match but the last two is clipped; Video is excellent)
Zuleyma vs Jannet Ryo Miyake vs Dale Storm Masahiko Takasugi vs Hideo Takayama Nobutake Araya vs Fukamen Taro Masayoshi Motegi & The Winger vs Shinichi Nakano & Shouichi Maruyama Leatherface vs Freddy Krueger (Barbed Wire Baseball Bat) Yukehiro Kanemura & Shoji Nakamaki vs Jado & Gedo (Scramble Fire Death Match; This is the infamous match where Kanemura gets power-bombed into a flaming pool of gasoline on the mat, putting him out of action for 6 months with 2nd and 3rd degree burns.)