TAPE 1031

Quality: VG (See Below)

Length: 2.5 hrs (DVD)

WWF PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM - 6/4/83 (Another pretty good show, this one also complete. VQ is VG, but this one has a *VERY, VERY* minor tracking line at the bottom of the screen that is often not noticable.)
Jeff Craney vs Butcher Vachon Don Kernodle vs Samoan #3 Sgt. Slaughter vs Jay Strongbow Don Muraco vs Swede Hanson Jimmy Snuka vs Samoan Afa Bob Backlund vs Ivan Koloff Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd (*HORRIBLE* finish that sees Studd job to a HIPLOCK TAKEDOWN. Ugh.) Sal Bellomo vs Iron Mike Sharpe Samoan Sika vs Rocky Johnson