TAPE 1033

Quality: Varies (Mostly EX)

Length: 9 hrs (5 DVD)

SLUGFEST - THE RIC FLAIR VS RONNIE GARVIN FEUD (After thinking about making this comp for years, I finally got around to actually DOING it. Thanks to the help of some friends, what we have here is a very complete picture of the Flair/Garvin feud that ran from June 1984 to November '87. Quality on this stuff is pretty much EX throughout with maybe a couple items below that. Everything is easily watchable, no rough footage at all.)
NOTE: For the listings below, in general the dates shown are TV airdates. The house show matches, Superstars on the Superstation, and title change matches, however, are all "actual date". Ric Flair vs Ronnie Garvin, GCW, 6/17/84 (In an angle that I thought was really stupid even when I was 12, NWA World Champion Ric Flair challenges Garvin for the World TV title. Good match that would lay the foundation for all the stiff slugfests to follow in the next 3-1/2 years.) Ric Flair & Ole & Arn Anderson vs Ronnie Garvin, Pez Whatley & Terry Taylor, WCW, 11/16/85 (From the "Superstation Championship Challenge" series. Like most matches from that series of matches, there's no title at stake - go figure. Still, this is a good match with lots of action in front of an enthusiastic TBS studio crowd.) Ric Flair/Ronnie Garvin Confrontation, WCW, 12/21/85 (Jim Crockett announces the final match in the "Superstation Championship Challenge" series and it's a US title match. Ric Flair complains about the NWA World title never being defended during the series and asks for a challenger. Garvin is only too happy to oblige, setting the stage for the best JCP studio show ever.) Ric Flair promo, WCW, 12/21/85 Ric Flair promo, WCW, 12/28/85 (Flair gives his typical excellent promo in front of a group of VERY enthusiastic ladies in the TBS studios._ Ric Flair vs Ronnie Garvin, WCW, 12/28/85 (As far as I'm aware, this is the only time the NWA World title was ever defended in the TBS studios. Hard-hitting slapfest that sets up the Flair/Garvin feud for early 1986. Good stuff!) Ronnie Garvin/Dusty Rhodes/Magnum TA Promo, WCW, 12/28/85 (They're upset at the interference of the Andersons & Flair and they're not going to take it anymore!) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 1/11/86 Ronnie Garvin's Hobbies, WCW, 1/11/86 (From a PWI "Scouting Report" segment with Magnum TA, Garvin is asked his hobbies. He likes the outdoors and says maybe he's the "REAL Nature Boy". Take that, Ric Flair!) Ric Flair/Ronnie Garvin Brawl, WCW, 1/18/86 (Clips are shown of the 12/28/85 title match and Ric Flair comes out to brawl with Garvin. Garvin ends up KO'ing Flair with a single punch! Typical JCP camerawork, though, as they COMPLETELY MISS the kill shot.) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 1/25/86 Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 1/25/86 (Flair has been asked to pretend he's wearing blue jeans like Ronnie Garvin so he turns around to show off his backside, LOL. Clips of the brawl from 1/18 are shown and Flair takes advantage of the lousy camerawork to claim he was hit with a foreign object.) Ric Flair vs Ronnie Garvin, 2/2/86 (One of the four "dream matches" from the first Superstars on the Superstation special. Excellent, controversial match. Hard-hitting as always.) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 2/8/86 Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 2/15/86 (Garvin has seen Ric Flair's brand new belt - Big Gold debuted the night before at Battle of the Belts - and he's eager to get his hands on it!) Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs Ronnie Garvin & Dusty Rhodes, WWW, 2/22/86 (Little-seen tag match from Worldwide. Short match in front of a red hot crowd. Can Ronnie Garvin really pin Ric Flair in an actual match?) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 2/22/86 Ric Flair & Arn Anderson Promo, WCW, 2/22/86 (Highlights from a 60-minute draw from the Omni on 1/19/86 are shown, with Flair getting KO'ed and pinned after the time limit had expired. Typical excellent mic work from Flair & Arn here.) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 3/1/86 (Garvin says he's now a carpenter - he's doing handyman work around his house, apparently - and wouldn't it be awful for Flair if he lost to a carpenter? Listen for the loud & clear "We want Slick Ric" in the middle of Garvin's promo.) Ronnie Garvin vs Arn Anderson, WCW, 3/1/86 (Arn defends the NWA World TV title here in an excelent match. Ric Flair comes out toward the end and gets involved, then he & Arn celebrate.) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 3/8/86 Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 3/8/86 Ric Flair vs Ronnie Garvin, 3/9/86 (Handheld footage of a great match. They go 30+ minutes here. Quality is terrific and the angle is great. One of the best handhelds you'll see.) Ric Flair vs Ronnie Garvin, 3/30/86 (Cage) (Another great handheld, only this time it's a cage match! Another great-quality handheld.) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WWW, 4/26/86 (Footage of an elimination tag match from 4/20/86 with the Horsemen is shown and Ricky Morton pins Ric Flair. After the match, we see the famous attack on Morton in the dressing room with Flair rubbing his face into the floor.) Ric Flair Promo, WWW, 4/26/86 BONUS: RONNIE GARVIN VS TULLY BLANCHARD, WWW, 5/3/86 (Famous match that took up the full hour on Worldwide. Great action that sees Garvin KO Blanchard and apparently win the National title...) Ric Flair vs Ronnie Garvin, 4/27/86 (Yet another excellent handheld of another great title match between these two. This one is from Cincinnati. It's shorter than the others in this set - only 25 minutes - but still excellent.) Ric Flair & Lex Luger vs Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin, WCW, 6/27/87 (After a year-long break, the Garvin/Flair feud heated back up in the summer of 1987. This fantastic tag match gets the ball rolling on a Flair/Jimmy Garvin feud that would eventually lead to Ronnie & Flair exchanging the world title.) Jimmy Garvin Challenging Ric Flair, WCW, 6/27/87 (Jimmy's fighting mad and demands a title match with Ric Flair - in a steel cage!) JJ Dillon Accepting Jimmy Garvin's Challenge, WCW, 6/27/87 (JJ says he'd be happy to have Flair defend against Jimmy in a cage - but Jimmy's gotta put up a date with Precious if Flair should win. JJ also throws in a shot at Jim Crockett, saying a check from Crockett to him had bounced?!?) Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin Promo, WCW, 7/11/87 Ric Flair vs Jimmy Garvin, 7/11/87 (Cage - JIP - Jimmy gets his big shot at the gold with Precious at stake! Decent match but Flair gives way too much offense to mid-carder Jimmy here. Look for the fan who legit tries to climb into the cage!) Ric Flair's Mannequin Promo, WCW, 7/18/87 (This is Ric Flair's infamous promo with a mannequin he calls "Precious". This is weird, perverted, twisted, hilarious, and insane all at the same time. He talks about having to practice for his date with Precious, etc. This is absolutely must-see TV.) Ric Flair's Date w/Precious, WCW, 7/25/87 (Another infamous vignette. This time it's Ric Flair's date with Precious. This is the entire segment, with Precious' lead-in and all the clips, not the edited version that aired on 24/7. Great work from JJ & Flair here and then "Precious" shows up...) Ric Flair Promo, Pro, 8/8/87 (Flair talks about his date with Precious and a clip of it is shown.) RIC FLAIR VS RONNIE GARVIN, PRO, 8/15/87 (Starts out as Ric Flair vs Rocky King but turns into an impromptu match with Garvin. Listen to the mind-blowing level of heat in the crowd. Incredible.) Ric Flair Promo, Pro, 8/22/87 Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin vs Midnight Express, Pro, 8/22/87 (Ric Flair does commentary at ringside for this outstanding match. He eventually just can't take it anymore and jumps into the ring against the wishes of Jim Cornette. That leads to a brawl followed by a crazed interview/promo from Flair afterward. Great stuff!) Ric Flair Promo, WWW, 8/29/87 (Yet another promo from a Horseman where they rightly point out the cheating and underhand tactics of the good guys. Here, Flair rants about Nikita Koloff using a foreign object to win the TV title (never mind that it was Tully's foreign object...) and then turns his attention to Ronnie Garvin.) Ric Flair Promo, Pro, 9/5/87 Ronnie Garvin vs Arn Anderson, Pro, 9/12/87 (Excellent match that ends with interference from Ric Flair. Video on this is just a smidge dark.) Ronnie Garvin Training Video, Pro, 9/19/87 (Nice segment highlighting the roadwork and weightlifting Garvin is doing to get ready for Ric Flair. Not sure I'd have chosen a slow song like "My Way" as the background music though...) RIC FLAIR VS RONNIE GARVIN, 9/25/87 (Cage - FANTASTIC cage match that uses up the full hour on Worldwide. 3 years of hard work come to fruition for Garvin as he wins the NWA World title. A young Tabe coulda been there but "No thanks Dad, nothing ever happens at those shows." Nope, not bitter about that at all. No way. Includes the post-match celebration, too.) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 10/3/87 (Ronnie Garvin's first promo as the new world champion.) Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 10/3/87 (Ric Flair, as he always did when he lost the world title, gives credit to Garvin here and vows to win it back.) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WWW, 10/10/87 Ronnie Garvin & Jim Crockett Promo, Pro, 10/10/87 Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 10/10/87 Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 10/10/87 Starrcade Control Center, UWF, 10/17/87 (Ronnie Garvin is in the Control Center as the rematch of Flair vs Garvin for Starrcade '87 is announced. This is also the announcement of the infamous "No title defenses after October 17" stipulation. That was a bad idea from the get-go.) Ronnie Garvin vs Tully Blanchard, UWF, 10/17/87 (Ronnie Garvin defends the NWA World title! Maybe. It's never announced if this is a title match or not but it sure would appear to be. Good match from the dying days of the UWF that ends in interference from Ric Flair.) Horsemen vs Windham/Rotundo/Armstrong/Horner, PPW, 10/17/87 (Rare 8-man tag from Power Pro. Tim Horner gets injured early on so Ronnie Garvin substitutes! Hot match that unfortunately gets cut off when the TV time runs out.) Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 10/17/87 Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 10/17/87 Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCw, 10/24/87 Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 10/24/87 Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 10/31/87 Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 11/7/87 Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 11/7/87 Ronnie Garvin Promo, WCW, 11/14/87 (Garvin comes out wearing a denim jacket and a 25-cent trucker hat. Such a contrast to Ric Flair's always-immaculate appearance as champion.) Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 11/14/87 Horsemen vs Garvin/Windham/Rock & Roll Express, CWF, 11/28/87 (Super-rare 8-man tag from CWF TV. Another hot match that's cut off by TV time running out. Not 100% sure on that airdate as Garvin is still the champ here and I would be surprised if they aired a match with him as champ after Starrcade.) RIC FLAIR VS RONNIE GARVIN, 11/26/87 (Cage - The rematch from Starrcade '87. This is a great, great match - really hard-hitting and a good finish. This has maybe the best audio of any wrestling match ever - every chop, every punch, every "oof", everything is heard loud and clear. Really well-done from the incompetent boobs at JCP. Ric Flair wins the NWA World title.) Ric Flair Promo, WCW, 11/28/87 (He's the new champ, baby! WOOOOOOOOOO.)