TAPE 1036

Quality: Varies

Length: 1.5 hrs (DVD)

MISCELLANEOUS COMPILATION (Another comp of random stuff put together for me by Shado Control. Quality is listed for each item)
Road Warriors & Sting vs Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo, & Rick Steiner, 10/7/88 (Road Warriors turn on Sting - VG/EX) The Road Warriors/Dusty Rhodes spike incident, 11/88 (Warriors take a spike off their ring gear and gouge Dusty's eye. This is the uncensored version of the incident that aired only once because of its brutality! VG/EX) Dusty Rhodes vs Road Warrior Animal, 12/7/88 (winner gets 6-man title - VG/EX) Harley Race vs Giant Baba (poor quality - Race wins NWA title - b & w film) Ken Patera vs Pat Patterson, MSG, 4/21/80 (FR - JIP - Patera wins I-C title) Bob Backlund & Pedro Morales, Shea Stadium, 8/9/80 (2/3 falls - last fall is only one shown - Backlund & Morales win WWF tag title - VG quality) Moondogs vs Tony Garea & Rick Martel, 3/17/81 (GD/VG - Moondogs win WWF tag title) Dusty Rhodes vs Harley Race, 6/21/81 (Rhodes wins NWA title) Pat Patterson/Sgt. Slaughter cobra clutch challenge, 1981 (GD/VG)