TAPE 1038

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3 hrs (2 DVD)

IYH: Unforgiven - 4/98 (PPV Version; An above average PPV by WWF that finishes with two action-packed matches, you also get the great "Evening Gown" match between Sable and Luna. What helps this PPV is the outstanding commentary provided by Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross - both guys are *ON* for this PPV, with Lawler spitting out one funny line after another. I've got a master convert, so VQ is EX.)
D-Lo Brown, Mark Henry, & Rocky Maivia vs Farouk, Ken Shamrock, & Steve Blackman Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Owen Hart (Chyna is suspended in a cage, but bends the bars and gets out of the cage! Also during this match, listen carefully and you'll hear HHH call out the next series of moves for Hart to perform!) New Midnight Express (Bob & Bart) vs Rock N Roll Express (Line of the night and maybe line of the year, from Lawler: "Panties aren't the greatest thing in the world - but they're next to it!" Think about it.) Luna Vachon vs Sable (Evening Gown Match - loser gets stripped to bra and panties; smart booking by the WWF has Sable lose) New Age Outlaws vs Road Warriors Jeff Jarrett singing w/Sawyer Brown (is he really singing? Not sure.) Undertaker vs Kane (Inferno Match - greatest fire match ever. Some must-see spots!) STEVE AUSTIN VS DUDE LOVE (Great match with a wild finish - Austin DRILLS Vince McMahon with a tremendous chairshot. Give Vinnie credit for being willing to take a brutal bump)