TAPE 1045

Quality: VG (See Below)

Length: 90 min (DVD)

NWA PRO TV - 8/8/87 (Complete episode of this AWESOME TV show. Great angles and fantastic action in front of super-hot crowds. What more can you ask for?! Quality is VG, real nice, with a kind of distortion/sideways shift at the top of the screen that doesn't really detract from viewability.)
Todd Champion vs Sean Royal Nelson Royal vs Colt Steele Interview w/Ric Flair (includes a clip from Flair's date with "Precious" where Ronnie Garvin, in drag, Kos Flair) Tully Blanchard vs Barry Windham (***1/2 draw. Windham attacks JJ Dilln, then Arn & Tully attack Windham)
NWA PRO TV - 8/15/87 (More of the same as above)
Midnight Express vs Rick Nelson & David Isley Dusty Rhodes vs Lex Luger (Clip - "Dusty Finish" match with Dusty appearing to win the US title. After the match, he attacks Luger in the locker room) Barry Windham & Jimmy Garvin vs Thunderfoot I & II Ronnie Garvin vs Gladiator II Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs John Savage & Mike Forth Bugsy McGraw vs Tommy Angel (I can't fathom how McGraw could get a job in the NWA, but the British Bulldogs couldn't...) Nikita Koloff vs Gary Royal Ric Flair vs Rocky King (Ronnie Garvin comes out, leading to...) RIC FLAIR VS RONNIE GARVIN ("impromptu" match - great match in front of a molten crowd. Garvin busts open Flair's chest with a chop! Flair leaves the ring, leaving Garvin to defend himself against - eventually - all Four Horsemen.)