TAPE 1057

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 99 min (DVD)

UFC 4 - 12/16/94 (Comm release from the UFC Classics DVD series. Good show, much better than the first 3 UFCs. I've got a master so VQ is EX.)
Ron Van Clief vs Royce Gracie Joe Son vs Keith Hackney (Infamous match that sees Hackney repeatedly punch Joe Son in the balls and rake his eyes since both moves are now semi-legal - doing them only results in a fine not a DQ.) Melton Bowen vs Steve Jennum (UFC 3 champ returns and is victorious in a good fight) Anthony Macias vs Dan Severn (Severn hits a beautiful German Suplex here) ROYCE GRACIE VS KEITH HACKNEY (Excellent fight, easily the best of the first four UFCs) Dan Severn vs Marcus Bossett Jason Fairn vs Guy Mezger Royce Gracie vs Dan Severn (Finals - Repeating his pattern seen in the first couple UFCs, Royce ONCE AGAIN breaks a submission hold really, really late. He seriously needed to get his ass kicked for this nonsense.)